How to choose the right Heating & Cooling System!

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Click Below to learn about The best in Heating & Cooling Technology

  • Have an idea of how long you plan to live in your home (Knowing just how long you will stay in your home will help you in making the right choice in how efficient you want you new system to be. It is about return on investment. If you are staying for the long hall don’t make the mistake of buying basic efficiency. It is a pay now or pay later purchase!).
  • Energy savings is in the technology (There are 3 basic designs today when it comes to heating & cooling equipment.)
    1. Single speed which uses the most electricity.
    2. Two speed which majority of the time will run on a low speed.
    3. Variable speed (also know as swing inverter) Which gives you the maximum energy savings.
  • Warranty is everything (We all know just how much prices have gone up over the years. Just a couple of service repair calls for heating & cooling system can be costly. Make sure when choosing a brand that the manufacture has a good warranty. The longer the warranty, odds are high the better the unit. Buying a new heating and cooling system is a large investment so make sure your covered).
  • Too hot or too cold? Too much humidity? (For some of us comfort plays a large role in choosing the right heating & cooling system. 2 speed and variable (Swing Inverter) systems can help solve these annoying issues. Make sure that you bring these concerns up to your consultant before making a decision. Options are available to correct the problems all together!
  • Installation is everything (Did you know that a study was performed recently in the state of Florida in regards to the installation of heating & cooling equipment for residential homes. The study found that at least half of the equipment was not correctly sized. Experience has shown that more than 70% of the equipment installed is installed wrong!. This will make for higher utility bills, constant equipment failures, and sever comfort problems). Make sure everything is replaced (when possible) and that the dealer follow the manufactures installation specifications.
  • Have a cat-scan (Just replacing your old equipment is only half of the battle. Leaky air ducts can strip your wallet of funds and lower your overall efficiency. Make sure when choosing a dealer that they offer you what is called a “Home & Duct performance test”. This test normally takes about 2 hours, but you will then know the whole picture when it comes to energy efficiency).

Residential Air Conditioning Installation in Panama City, Panama City Beach, Lynn Haven and Surrounding Areas

The climate in Panama City Beach, Florida can be harsh, affecting the comfort level at home. This is where Pat Green Air comes into the picture. We offer quick and reliable residential air conditioning installation service at an affordable cost. Our quality air conditioning service can guarantee a comfortable indoor environment, regardless of the external environment.

Pat Green Air – For quick and reliable residential air conditioning installation

Pat Green Air has had many years of experience in designing, installing and maintaining top grade residential air conditioning systems. We understand the importance of the home environment, regardless of whether you stay in a multi-story beach house or even a two-bedroom apartment. We are respectful of your time and provide high quality service for the shortest, most efficient possible time.

While making sure that we are in and out of your residence as quickly as possible, we are sure not to ignore the fine details like cleaning up after an installation takes place. The high regard for your comfort and our attention to detail is what sets us apart from the rest.

Our technicians are trained and are experienced in installing a wide variety of air conditioning systems. Whether you need to install a ducted air conditioner or a high wall split system, we can help you out. We can also help you maintain a comfortable environment and bring down your energy costs by suggesting a suitable HVAC solution for your home.


Top reasons for choosing Pat Green Air for residential air conditioning installation

  • With Pat Green Air, you can be sure of getting an air conditioning installation solution that perfectly matches your requirements
  • We endorse energy star rated brands
  • We offer free residential air conditioning installation estimates
  • Our technicians are trained and experienced in servicing air conditioning systems of all major models and makes
  • We respect your property and time
  • We pay attention to details like cleaning up after an installation
  • We guarantee complete satisfaction

For Air Conditioning Repair and A/C Tune Ups, Call Us Today!

Call 850-277-2777 for a FREE estimate or to schedule a service appointment.

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