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Home & Duct Performance Testing

Research indicates that approximately 90% of homes have air control problems.
Are you missing out on better air quality as well as spending money that doesn’t need to be spent? Leave it to the professionals at Pat Green Heating & Cooling to test your home and duct performance. In the meantime, take a look at the following document which includes 7 Tips to Make Your Home Cleaner and Healthier.

If You’ve Noticed Any of These Within Your Home…

  • excessive, unsightly dust
  • dirt lines at carpet edges
  • dry air or static shocks
  • lingering or musty odors
  • a smelly fireplace
  • hot or cold rooms
  • high utility or repair bills
  • dirt or sweating on AC vents
  • polluted air leaking in from the garage
  • mold, mildew and excessive humidity
  • inadequate fresh air ventilation
The comfort systems in your home can be responsible for more than keeping you and your family comfortable throughout the year. Have you ever noticed certain rooms are colder or hotter than others in your house? Does anyone in your home suffer from allergies or do you find the air to be excessively dry or humid? Or maybe your utility bills are just too high? A thorough evaluation of all your home’s comfort systems can provide you with the answers to many of these questions.Pat Green Heating & Cooling are specially-trained Comfort and Indoor Air Quality Consultants with the latest in advanced diagnostic instruments and testing procedures. We can send a consultant to your home to identify problems that affect your indoor living space. Your consultant will then create a personalized plan to assist you in permanently solving these problems.

Have You Ever Wondered?

  • Could my home be contributing to a family members allergy or asthma problems?
  • Why is one or more of the rooms in my home always colder (or hotter) than the rest?
  • If I were to replace my air conditioning or heating unit, should I have a diagnostic test run on my entire home first?
  • Could my comfort system be causing the static shocks and dry skin in winter? What about the mold and mildew during the summer?

If you answered, “YES” to any of these…

…a Whole House Comfort Checkup is the solution! Contact us today to set up an appointment and keep reading to better understand what your services your consultant will be performing.

How Does A Whole House Comfort Checkup Work?

Initial Consultation
For the initial interview with your Comfort and Indoor Air Quality Consultant, we encourage all of the adults in your household to participate. Your consultant will ask questions about the individual rooms in the house, such as whether they feel clammy or need to be dusted more often. Since everyone’s perception of comfort is different, the more input the better!
Equipment Inspection
During the inspection, your consultant will be evaluating whether your equipment is efficient, dependable and safe. A visual inspection will reveal any signs of a previous improper installation, deterioration, or insufficient maintenance. Your system’s air filtration and purification effectiveness will also be evaluated to determine if improvements would better clean your indoor air.
Insulation Inspection
Your comfort systems consist of more than the just the physical equipment, so your consultant will visually inspect the insulation throughout your home to determine if they meet recommended levels or whether they have any hidden defects (such as holly wall cavities). Your home’s attic ventilation levels will be checked as well.
Infiltrometer™ Blower Door Test
To determine how leaky or airtight your entire home is, your consultant will use a blower door instrument, created by Department of Energy scientists at Princeton University. With the Infiltrometer™, your consultation can evaluate where improvements can be made througout your entire home to reduce wasted energy, uneven temperatures, excessive leakage, cold drafts, and dry or clammy air problems.
Air Leakage Evaluation
Part of the Infiltrometer™ blower door test will include an evaluation of the type of air leaks within your home. Did you know that some air leaks are considered good by air quality standards? These leaks include the ones around your doors and windows, which let in fresh outdoor air. Bad leaks are caused by leaky air ducts or other spaces that bring in dusty, moldy or polluted air from your attic, garage, or crawl space. Your consultant will pinpoint where the worst leaks are and formulate a game plan for improvements to be made.
Air Flow Diagnosis
Many times an air duct system will have hidden design flaws or blockages, causing your air flow to be restricted or unevenly distributed. By conducting static pressure tests (sort of like a blood pressure test for your ducts!), your consultant can reveal these hidden blockages and design problems.
Electronic Air Flow Capture Hood Test
Rooms that are difficult to heat and cool will examined and your consultant will measure how much conditioned air is actually making it into the rooms. If the amount of air flow is too low, the causes will then be determined, and appropriate solutions will be prescribed.
Personalized Improvement Plan
After the inspection and testing are completed, your consultant will go over the results to you and explain his findings. You will then receive a prioritized plan of recommended improvements. Upon request, your consultant will prepare a proposal for repairs that Pat Green Heating and Cooling can perform and recommend other contractors for services we do not offer.
For more information about what Comfort Institute Specialists can do for you, contact us or check out the Comfort Institute website.

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