Understanding Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Learn About the Best In Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Ductless mini-split systems are increasing in popularity because they offer effective, efficient cooling & Heating throughout homes or offices. These unique systems consist of an outdoor condenser unit and at least one indoor unit that distributes cool air. Models with multiple indoor units are referred to as “multi-zone” mini-splits, because they add targeted cooling to multiple areas of a home.

Ductless mini splits don’t need to be vented like many room ACs, so they’re a great option for rooms without windows or access to exterior walls. These systems also provide greater temperature control since each indoor unit works independently and can be set to different temperatures—allowing you to cool certain parts of your home without cooling the entire space. This zone cooling helps decrease energy usage since you’re only cooling parts your home that you actually use as opposed to cooling your entire home like a central air conditioner.

Many models offer a Heat mode, typically known as mini-split heat pump, and keep you comfortable all year. Most mini splits have remote controls and various other features, including programmable timers, automatic restart, and auto-swinging louvers.

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