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How Often Do I Need To Have My Heating Or Cooling Unit Serviced?

A home’s HVAC system needs regular maintenance, even if it has not shown many signs of disrepair. The kind of maintenance required for an HVAC system has less to do with the amount of time between maintenance, and more to do with the amount that it has been used. As a resident of Panama City, it is likely that you will be using your HVAC unit frequently. However, even if this is not the case, your HVAC system is still at risk from dirt, debris and grime accumulation.

Advantages of HVAC inspections

HVAC units, when left unmaintained, can pose a number of health and safety risks. These units are made up of a variety of components, that all need to be cleaned frequently, to maintain optimum efficiency. Components like condensing coils help regulate the amount of moisture in your home. When these become compromised, increased moisture levels can lead to wall discoloration and mold build-up.

It is also incredibly important to clean air filters frequently. Air filters remove harmful contaminants and chemicals, most notably that of carbon monoxide. Since carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas, you may not even know if levels are high in your home.

Finally, HVAC unit maintenance can also boost the overall energy efficiency of your heating and cooling system. Studies have indicated that conducting regular maintenance on your HVAC unit, can increase energy efficiency anywhere between 5 and 10 percent. If you have found that your HVAC unit has been running poorly, or if you have not serviced it for a long period of time, there are variety of professional maintenance services, such as Pat Green, available in Panama City.

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